CrossFit: On resting, scaling & ultimately, doing neither

Sometimes, and only sometimes, I have insightful things to say. My ramblings can be absorbed by another human being, and they might actually benefit them. And then there’s the other times. When I completely ignore everything that is logical & reasonable, and do stupid things. Well, today… it was a stupid …

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Inner Toughness vs. Outer Toughness

Zen guy meditating on street

I hesitated on the title for this one. Not sure if “toughness” is the right word, but let’s roll with it for now. I also considered titling this, “Lessons learned from losing an intramural football game 79-6.” True story. That just happened. Outer Toughness It’s pretty obvious to spot. Big …

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Getting Started with CrossFit: Is It For Me?

I just officially started CrossFit a few days ago. I have been doing some workouts on my own for years. I did 20 workouts with a gym a few months ago as part of a Groupon. But I just started the first full month of my new CrossFit membership. I’m …

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WOD – July 28, 2013

For time… 100 double-unders Then: 21-15-9 of: Pullups Decline pushups (feet above hands) One-handed dumbbell ground-to-overhead (30lbs) 17:25 Notes I got the double-unders in about 2:45. Started round 3 of 21-15-9 at 15:15. Once I learn how to do kipping and/or butterfly pullups, I think I can get this under …

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Pole Dancing Lesson

Pole Dancing - Flag

If you didn’t know by now, I like to do things that many might consider, uh, a little “out of the ordinary.” But then again, the title of my blog is “An Alternate Route,” because I like to take a different path through life. So this should come as no …

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Today’s Run: Storms, Frogs & Girls

In an effort to document my thoughts while I’m out running (because that’s always the big question when someone learns that you run distance), here’s how it went down today. I began the run excited to get rained on. It’s been a while since I ran in a nice downpour, …

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2013 Bike Virginia Photo Gallery

All the photos from Bike Virginia 2013, a 3-day (or 6-day) bike tour of Virginia that took place in the mountains of Buena Vista, VA. Day 1 recap … Day 2 recap Click on any image to open up a slideshow.

Bike Virginia Day 2

Bike Virginia theme: Pirate Invasion Dave’s theme: Humility & Teamwork (hey, it was a long day so I’m allowed to pick two) Check out day 1 recap if you missed it, or view the photo gallery [adrotate banner=”2″] Humility So let’s talk for a second. I’m not the fastest runner in …

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Bike Virginia Day 1

Today’s theme: New adventures The drive to get here was really boring for 2 hours, and absolutely beautiful for the last 15 minutes. As we entered the town of Buena Vista, we quickly turned onto a road that less us through an amazing golf course. I don’t play golf, but …

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Ironman Indecision

Spoiler Alert: The decision has been made. No ironman this year for me. If you’re wondering how & why I came to my decision, read on, my friends. I’ve been contemplating it for a while. Should I sign up for an ironman this October? I’m turning 30 next year, and …

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