Today’s Run: Storms, Frogs & Girls

In an effort to document my thoughts while I’m out running (because that’s always the big question when someone learns that you run distance), here’s how it went down today.

I began the run excited to get rained on. It’s been a while since I ran in a nice downpour, and I was looking forward to it.

Early on, I got passed by a group of about a dozen mountain bikers. I thought it was awesome they were out there, too. I’m not the only crazy one who loves the rain.

I started to notice little frogs jumping out of the way, off the trail into the brush. I’ve seen a frog or two out there before, but never this many. Maybe a dozen in my 7-mile trek. Unusual. Is it just the time of year they like to come out & play? Is it something about the weather patterns? Did they just stop using protection?

After that last thought, I realized I didn’t care enough to spend any more brain power on the topic.

I’m wondering how my feet are holding up. It sounds awfully squishy down there, and my socks are not the greatest. I don’t want to get blisters with a big hill workout tomorrow.

Then I passed two dudes walking from the parking lot of North Bank Trail, heading back into their cars. I thought about the bill that was being discussed in the Supreme Court today about same-sex marriage. I wonder if they’re gay? If they are… good for them. If they’re not… good for them.

I saw some late teen-early twenty kids walking through the parking lot. They were probably hanging out at Texas Beach… possibly up to no good, but perhaps just having a good time, like teenagers do. Who knows? And who am I to judge?

Ooooh, my favorite section of North Bank Trail. Let’s see how fast I can run it…

Dangit. Cramp. B-R-E-A-T-H-E. Relax. Get yourself together. … OK, now turn back on the jets…

I got onto Belle Isle and passed that same group of mountain bikers I saw earlier. And now that it was downpouring, I connected eyes with several of them, and we just smiled at each other, as if to silently say, “Doesn’t get any better than this!” 🙂

While at the top of Belle Isle, I reminisced about a conversation I had about myself, in regards to a previous relationship I was in. Also got me thinking about my current girl situation. No big revelations here, just a few minutes of simple contemplation.

I should probably head home. Don’t want to push it too much today. I’ve got a massage, hot yoga & a hill workout tomorrow.

Some of the water splashed down from the Lee Bridge as I ran along the pedestrian bridge. It was really warm. Wonder where exactly it traveled before reaching my face. Kinda nasty… but the heavy drops of water felt great.

A girl came down from Oregon Hill, and started running in front of me. I passed her on the flat. We exchanged pleasantries. I thought I was running past her at a pretty good pace, but sure enough, a few minutes later, she was right on my tail.

I kept my eye over my shoulder. If she was getting too close, I’d either move off to the side to let her pass… or just run faster. That kept my attention almost the entire way back.

Once returning to the parking lot, I let out a few claps & whooo’s, and a “That was awesome!”