Bike Virginia Day 1

Today’s theme: New adventures

The drive to get here was really boring for 2 hours, and absolutely beautiful for the last 15 minutes. As we entered the town of Buena Vista, we quickly turned onto a road that less us through an amazing golf course. I don’t play golf, but if I did, I’d never get tired of paying at this place.

The start of an adventure
The start of an adventure

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The event appeared to be very well organized. Lots of signage. Parking attendants. Registration tent with tons of volunteers.

After a short safety briefing, I picked up my packet and met up with my friends. I only knew 1 of the 3 others who was joining me, and even we don’t really know each other all that well. New adventures…

Tent Setup

You’d think that, during a bike tour, the adventure would start once you hopped on your bike. Oh no, my friends. My weekend began with me doing circles around a hexagon-shaped tent, searching for the magic button that made it erect itself… all while the 2 women, who already have their tent setup, sit off to the side eating pork tenderloin sandwiches for lunch (what?!)

Sidenote: For those first-time campers out there… there is no such button. Trust me. I looked everywhere.

The ladies offered their help. I gladly accepted. Finally, 3 brains were able to figure it out… sort of. It’s up, and it’s sleepable, and for right now, that’s me #winning.

Lots of people who know how to setup their tents (myself NOT included)
Lots of people who know how to setup their tents (myself NOT included)

The Ride – 27 Miles

Excellent form, guys
Excellent form, guys

Admittedly, I had done little research into how this event was run. After my tent was setup, that’s when I found out what today’s ride option was: 27 miles.

I had done 25 in a triathlon two weeks ago, and struggled through 32 last weekend, so I knew I could complete it. I just didn’t know if I could keep up with our group.

It ended up being a beautiful 27 miles. Parts of it were certainly challenging, climbing up & down the mountains, but the views were easily worth it. The only thing that was sore was my butt, and I consider that a victory.

There was only 1 rest stop for today’s ride, and of all things… they were serving nachos & cheese. I’m sorry, but even if I WASN’T vegan, the last thing I’d want at mile 12 of a 27-mile ride is nachos & cheese.

Day 1 rest stop... Nachos were a bad choice.
Day 1 rest stop… Nachos were a bad choice.

I met a really nice woman from Toronto, Canada. Didn’t get her name, but we chatted for a bit right near the end of the ride. I fell back from my group, and also stopped for a picture, so her & I chatted it up. Super-nice woman. This was her 2nd year doing the event. Little did I know how many people travel a great distance for this thing. She was nice enough to snap my picture at the city limit sign.

Thanks to Lynn, awesome woman from Toronto, for taking this one.
Thanks to Lynn, awesome woman from Toronto, for taking this one.


Amazing. Tofu tacos. A vegan’s dream. Nothing more needs to be said.

Day 1 dinner. A vegan's delight.
Day 1 dinner. A vegan’s delight.

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Card Games

After dinner, we gathered around our tents for a friendly game of Spades. Our new friend, Gary, joined us. Michelle & I clearly had different strategies, which doesn’t work so well when you’re on the same team. It took Kara 5 rounds before she actually figured out how to play. That left Brandon, Kara’s partner, who clearly knew what he was doing since they ended up smoking us.

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