31 Years & Counting…

I’m writing this almost a month after my birthday, but the words on this card are too important to just recycle it and move on.

My parents have a way with cards for special occasions, and they always nail it on my birthday. Sometimes I wonder if they wrote the words themselves; they’re just that personal.

I’d like to hold on to this one, as it’s another example of the unconditional love that I’m so fortunate to have in my life.

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Carytown Farmer’s Market – A Dollar Well Spent

Carytown Farmer's Market

I was at the Carytown Farmer’s Market yesterday—which was awesome, by the way. Tons of vegetables, more vendors than the past few weeks, a great variety to choose from, and really nice people behind the tables, per usual. I bought $4 worth of cucumber & squash from this nice woman. …

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The Space Between Conviction & Action Is…

…procrastination. For the first time in 10 years, and probably only the 3rd time EVER… I went to church today. They’re a non-denominational church called Area10, and actually brand themselves as a “Faith Community,” which I think is pretty cool. They hold their Sunday service at an historic Richmond landmark …

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2012 Richmond Marathon: A Day of Thanks

Today I ran the Richmond Marathon for the first time. I’ve run a few marathons, but never any like this one. As a matter of fact, nothing even close. Today’s race was an interesting one. Started great. Ended great. And all in-between, my legs didn’t work. <– kind of a big …

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My 27th birthday isn’t about me at all

Dear Friends, Family & Human Beings in all walks of life, Today I turned 27 years old. But that’s the last thing on my mind. Thanks to a good friend, Danielle Durst, I decided to make my birth day actually mean something this year. It’s not about me turning a …

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Let’s talk about etiquette for a second

One would think public vs. private is common knowledge. So did I, until today. But oh, on the contrary.

These 5 things all happened to me today while running 3 simple errands. But it’s not all negative ranting. I ended it with a smile.

Why I love the ultrarunning community

Here’s a list of 8 reasons why I love the ultrarunning community. I was reminded of just how awesome ultrarunners are when a fellow runner, whom I’ve never met, gave 90 minutes of his time to help me through an injury, and give me advice on how to complete my first 100-miler.