Let’s talk about etiquette for a second

Public vs. Private

One would think public vs. private is common knowledge – common sense, if you will.

It’s taught to us by our parents, right alongside the difference between yes & no, left & right, right & wrong.

Yeah, so did I. Until today.

I went out to run a few errands – out in public, where most errands are run – and it was one thing after another. I love human beings. Being human is what makes this world so amazing to live in each day. But sometimes,

human beings lack common sense.

When you’re in a public place (especially a business setting), turn your cell phone ringer off. Or turn it down. Change it to vibrate.

Or at least change the ringtone so it’s not that annoying techno beat DJ Underground mixed in the basement of The Tobacco Company.

When you’re at home, it can flash lights, wave streamers & set off fireworks for all I care. But when in public, respect those around you.

What’s that about the grocery store

While the cell phone etiquette applies to all public settings, including the grocery store, here is one more I witnessed today.

When you’re finished with your cart, return it to it’s proper area. Either leave it in the store or put it in the cart return. Don’t leave it in a parking space.

First off, it’s not even your cart. It belongs to the store.

Secondly, I don’t ride over to your house and leave my bike in the middle of your driveway, do I?

And in that example, I’m only disrespecting you. By leaving your cart in the space, you’re disrespecting the grocery store AND everyone else who shops there. Don’t you remember when you were a kid and Mom said, “Put your toys away.”? You should have listened.

All about the benjamins? I don’t think so. Look behind you.

When you’re at the ATM machine, and the line is several cars deep, let’s just finish the transaction and move along.

Balance your check books & file your paperwork 100 ft in front of you… in that empty parking space right there.

The friendly wave

When driving, if someone goes out of their way to stop and let you go, please acknowledge. A wave. A smile. Something that lets us know you are human and have feelings.

Your blank stare says, “I don’t care”… and it makes me want to smash my head on the dashboard.

Show me a sign of life. Please.

End it with a smile

On a much more positive note – because we should end everything with a smile – I helped a man while I was out running errands. In the grocery store, a man in a motorized cart needed some tea on the top shelf. He couldn’t reach it so he kindly asked if I could grab it for him. A helping hand & one big smile later, he got his tea.

And the best part… get this. He said thank you. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about etiquette for a second”

  1. I hear ya! The cart thing drives me MAD, especially because they typically leave them by Lola (my Jeep). Lazy people pi** me off…period.

  2. Dude, I’m with you on this. I, too, like to walk among the humans every now and then. They provide quite a bit of entertainment. The rudeness is sometimes astonishing, but there’s always the polite one that will instantly restore hope for the race.

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    @Bernadette – This blog is my book… for now. I do see a book (actually, several books) in my future, but first things first. I’ve got to get this hamstring back up-and-running. I’ve got some 100-mile revenge to take care of first 🙂

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