Why I love the ultrarunning community

I’m still relatively new to the ultrarunning world (~2 years), but I’ve already noticed the unique appeal of the ultrarunning community.

My hat goes off to David Snipes (aka, Sniper). This guy has been running ultramarathons for years. He’s probably finished every ultra in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, DC & North Carolina… more than once. We were both at Old Dominion 2 weeks ago, although we didn’t say a word to each other. A few days after the race, he friends me on Facebook. I realize we both live in Richmond, VA.

Long story short, he knew I was having an issue with my hamstring, so he gives me his cell number and offers to help. We talk for an hour and a half on the phone. It started with him asking questions, and ended with him giving advice. Not only for how to rehab my hamstring, but how to complete my first 100-mile run.

He called me back tonight, after he talked to his PT friend about my hamstring injury, to give me a test to diagnose it, as well as several exercises to heal it.

… and I don’t even know the guy!

Here’s to Sniper, who reminded me of the many reasons why I love the ultrarunning community.

This is why I love the ultrarunning community

  • Ultrarunners help strangers
  • Ultrarunners don’t run for prize money
  • An ultrarunner’s crew doesn’t always understand why we do it, but they support us anyway
  • Runners, crews, pacers, volunteers & RDs alike… we all respect each other
  • Ultrarunners share stuff (food, drink, headlamps, crazy stories, pain, triumph)
  • Ultrarunners walk-the-walk. We travel many miles to support fellow runners (sometimes even people we’ve never met)
  • We don’t always count the miles. Sometimes we run for time. Or just for the experience.
  • We get beat up. We fail. We succeed. Regardless, we always come back for more.

There are many reasons I’m sure I left out. I’d love to hear why you love the ultrarunning community in the comments.

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  1. While I can't count myself a member of the ultrarunning community, I am forever thankful for the running community. When I decide to put my running shoes away for a while to re-visit the pool or fun classes at the gym, the running community is often part of what pulls me back. Without even saying a word, there is an incredible amount of respect and comradery that comes when you run past someone else wearing their fuel belt and battling it up a hill or out for another mile. I feel safe and respected among runners, even if I'm not the fastest one out there. And that, my friend, is a beautiful thing.

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