31 Years & Counting…

I’m writing this almost a month after my birthday, but the words on this card are too important to just recycle it and move on.

My parents have a way with cards for special occasions, and they always nail it on my birthday. Sometimes I wonder if they wrote the words themselves; they’re just that personal.

I’d like to hold on to this one, as it’s another example of the unconditional love that I’m so fortunate to have in my life.

Son, you are special.

All parents look at their babies and wonder, “What will this child be?” But in your case, the answers came sooner rather than later.

Bright. Curious. Busy.

Before you could stand, you wanted to walk. As soon as you could walk, you were off and running. You were a great little explorer, filled with a sense of wonder. But it turned out that the most wonderful things to discover were already inside you.

Imagination. Humor. Kindness.

As you grew, those qualities developed right along with you. And everyone around you got to be part of the adventure.

Sure, there were growing pains, but the good times and good feelings are what stand out in memory.

Happiness. Pride. Amazement.

Things that make being a parent an incredible and rewarding journey. And now here you are, the wonderful man you were destined to be all along.

Strong. Responsible. Caring.

And very, very loved.

Happy Birthday, with love and pride,
– Mom & Dad