My favorite letter is…

Y y

A random conversation was sparked at the office this week. How come most of us have a favorite number, but not a favorite letter?

Well, quite frankly, the answer to that question is irrelevant, because now you know my favorite letter. What you DON’T know, however, is why.

  • It’s orientation-agnostic (flip it upside down, or 90 degrees in either direction, and it still looks good and has value).
  • It reminds me of a wishbone… and who doesn’t want more wishes?!
  • It also reminds me of a fork. Without forks, I couldn’t eat as much. And without food, I’m one unhappy camper.
  • Verbally spoken, it’s single-handedly one of the most philosophical questions one can ask.
  • Turned 90 degrees clockwise, and lowercased, it kinda reminds me of the USB symbol (minus one extra antenna)
  • Flipped upside down, it reminds me of a teepee. Modern day teepees are called tents. I love camping!
  • It often gets added to the end of words, thus creating new, made-up words. Made-up words are the best.
  • In the English language, it’s the only letter commonly used as both a vowel and a consonant.
  • It’s the sex chromosome that makes dudes (XY). Without it, the world would be all female (XX). Not that I don’t love the ladies, but… the world needs both 🙂

I’ll stop there, but I could likely go on for hours. It’s just that awesome.

What’s your favorite letter?