Enjoy It While You’re Young

I was running the trails of Deep Run Park this afternoon as I passed a middle-aged man walking his dog. He had some gray in his beard, but I consider 60 to still be middle-aged. If you live to be 100, 60 is closer to the middle than the end.

This man smiles at me & says,

Enjoy it while you’re young because your knees won’t be able to handle it when you get old.

Dear Middle-Aged Man,

Your smile tells me that you didn’t mean anything by it. You were just being friendly…┬ámaking conversation. Perhaps you were trying to give me a heads up for what’s to come.

While I do appreciate your kindness, as well as your concern for my running future, I say to you:

Sir, as long as I’m able to stand on these two feet, and use them to propel myself forward, I’ll enjoy this for as long as I live.

I can only hope one day you come to the same realization.

Running Wild,

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