Running Form Drills: Headlamp at Night

I discovered a creative running form drill while running tonight. If you love running at night, this quick & easy running drill is right up your alley.

Proper running form

Good running form means maintaining a good center of gravity. Your head, shoulders, hips & ankles should all be in alignment. Your head should also remain relatively still throughout your running stride. A smooth runner’s head doesn’t bounce up & down.

Here’s a quick way to check if you’re keeping your head still.

Check your running form at night

  1. Grab your headlamp
  2. Adjust it about midway (midway between pointing straight down at the ground & straight out in front of you)
  3. Turn it on a steady, narrow, white light
  4. While you run, pay attention to the light

While you run, your light will naturally move. Even with proper running form, your light will sway to the left & right. It will swing smoothly if you’re running smoothly.

If it’s bouncing up & down, or appears jittery, you’re probably bouncing your head too much.

Let the light be your guide.

Disclaimer: I am not a running coach or certified coach of any kind. I do, however, run… a lot.

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