The Problem With Radio

Actually, there are several problems.

Most of the issues with radio stations is that they’re going through the motions. They all do the same things. Nothing remarkable.

Every radio station is the #1 station.

I learned how to count to 10 when I was 3 year old. While that may have been as high as I could go, I never counted 1 more than once. 1 was always followed by 2.

You can only have one #1.

Every radio station is a new station.

Actually, every station is THE. NEW. #1. station for whatever. How long can you claim to be new? 6 months? 1 year? Seriously, once everyone knows about you, you are no longer new.

Every radio station plays 52 minutes of new music every hour.

They might all break it up a little differently, but 52 minutes of music is 52 minutes of music. There’s nothing special about that. Every radio station is doing the exact same thing. If that’s what you’re selling, I have no reason to buy it.

Can we try something different, please?

I don’t have the answers, but this is my call to radio stations everywhere to do something different. Please. Or at least stop marketing yourselves as NEW. #1. Or 52 minutes of music every hour. It’s just not cool anymore.