Not Homeless… Just Saying Hi – Follow Up

UPDATE: 2/26/2016: I’ve kept the original article in tact below, in its entirety, so everyone who reads this can learn from it. I have since drastically changed my thoughts on privilege, and openly & adamantly declare that I am incredibly privileged. I highly encourage everyone to read the comments by two …

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Not Homeless… Just Saying Hi

Not Homeless Experiment

Well… that was extremely uncomfortable, and fantastic, all at the same time. What an interesting experiment & rewarding experience. First off, big thanks to my friend, Hilary Corna, for the idea/dare. I would have never thought to do this otherwise. Here’s the recap of me standing on the corner for …

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Everyone is a motivational speaker

In a recent email conversation, I was referred to as a motivational speaker. While it feels great to hear your name associated with that title, I immediately thought that was far from true. Last week I “applied” for an audition to give a TED talk, but my 1-minute YouTube video …

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The Problem With Radio

Every radio station markets themselves the same way. I’m sick of it. I’d like to see something different.

Life as a young alumni – The job search

A letter I wrote for Elon’s student newspaper, The Pendulum. It’s targeted at young alumni who are beginning their job search. I’ve included several tips on how to approach the process.

Real-time is real-ly fake

A real-time rant on the overuse of the term, “real-time.”

Nothing is more real-time than a face-to-face conversation or a phone call. Why didn’t we ever call these real-time?

Here’s the thing with urgency

The thing about urgency… it goes both ways. If it’s urgent to you, it’s urgent to me.

Here, I’ll tell you what I mean.

You’re exactly the same as everyone else

There was a time when things like the dollar menu & free shipping were great perks. That time is gone, and it’s time to start spending marketing dollars elsewhere.

How to choose a company name

Some brief thoughts on how to go about choosing a company name (stemming from a conversation with my friend Michele, who also started her own business).