How to choose a company name

Some thoughts on choosing a company name from a conversation I had with my friend Michele.

What do others say about you?

Think about the image you want the company to have. What makes you unique? Special? Different from everyone else? What do you want your clients telling other people about you? “Wow, we worked with ________, and they did an incredible job of ________!” It’s that 2nd blank that will help you come up with the 1st.

Put yourself in your own element

Similar to how I thought of Escape (my company’s name is “Escape Creative“), maybe you need to just put yourself in your own element. For me, running is where I’m at peace, and can let my mind go. Maybe you like to paint. Or you love music. Maybe you look at beautiful paintings (online, go to a museum, whatever). Or put some headphones on with your favorite relaxing/inspirational jams, grab a hoodie, sit on your deck, close your eyes, kick up your feet, and see what comes to you.

Maybe you put the headphones on while admiring beautiful artwork (the combo deal).

I think it’s important… if you’re going to start and operate your own business… that it takes on part of your personality. It should help define you as a person. It should have your personality infused in it. If it doesn’t, you can easily lose sight of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and it becomes just another job… instead of a passion.

One final question

If the business ran itself, and was it’s own boss, would it hire you?