How to avoid Thanksgiving traffic

For several years in a row, I’ve managed to avoid Thanksgiving traffic. Specifically, I travel on I-95 from Richmond, VA to South Jersey, but I’m confident these traffic tips apply for just about anywhere. Here’s the rundown:

  • Drive, don’t fly. EZ-Pass won’t scan your body or feel you up. It’s a win-win.
  • Pack whatever you need the night before Thanksgiving. Place it on the floor, just inside the front door. Have snacks, drinks, etc. ready (keep in fridge).
  • And here’s the kicker… start your drive on Thanksgiving morning.

To avoid Thanksgiving traffic, start early

3:00am: Alarm clock goes off. Get up right away. No snooze.

3:01: Start brewing the coffee.

3:02: Get dressed. Quick & comfortable.

3:07: Throw last-minute toiletries in the your bag. Don’t forget your cellphone charger.

3:09: Start chugging coffee.

3:13: Pack car. Start warming it up if it’s cold.

3:20: Finish chugging coffee.

3:25: …and you’re on the road.

3:26: Turn the music up. It doesn’t matter what station.

3:27: Start bobbing your head & shaking your shoulders (aka: dance). You’ve gotta stay loose with a long drive ahead.

3:28: Commence singing. Don’t stop until you arrive at your destination.

3:35: Get on the interstate.

3:36: Set the cruise control to 75, and don’t stop unless you need gas.

____: You’ll be there before you know it 🙂

OK. I realize a few of those won’t help you get there any faster, but they are guaranteed to make your Thanksgiving Day drive much more enjoyable.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thanksgiving morning is definitely the time to travel. I drove back to Richmond from NYC Thursday morning. We left at 5:15 and made it to Richmond at 11:15. With 3 stops.

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