What if the NFL paid teams based on performance?

Instead of NFL teams paying players based on individual talent, imagine the NFL paying teams based on performance. And then the team would divvy up the money amongst its players.

  • Would NFL players be less selfish?
  • Would they put the team first?
  • Would they stop these ridiculous endzone celebrations?
  • Would they stop holding out for more money (when they’re already making more in a year than the average American makes in a lifetime)?

Doesn’t this more closely resemble how it works for the rest of us? Our company (NFL team) makes money based on what, and how much, of something (NFL games) we sell (win). Then someone (coach/owner) in our organization (team) determines how much each person (player) makes, based on their performance & overall value to the company (team).

You only make millions when your team wins. Isn’t that what team sports are all about?

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