Running through my old stomping grounds

As I headed out for a quick 20-minute run this morning, I ducked into Spencer’s Park in Rancocas Woods. It’s located a quarter-mile from the house I grew up in. As I entered the park, I was instantly reminded of many childhood memories.

Spencer’s Park – or simply “Spencers”, as we called it – was where I…

  • hit my first ground-ruled double in tee-ball
  • got yelled at (a lot) by my football coaches
  • bought many a sno cone at the snack shack (and conveniently forgot to pay for many more)
  • busted my thumb misjudging a fly ball
  • threw my first curveball, buckled the knees of an unfortunate, young batter and recorded my first strikeout
  • played homerun derby with my childhood buddies
  • played my first doubleheader… and my first tripleheader
  • umpired my first game behind the plate

Thanks, Spencers, for reminding me of my awesome childhood.