Inner Toughness vs. Outer Toughness

Zen guy meditating on street

I hesitated on the title for this one. Not sure if “toughness” is the right word, but let’s roll with it for now. I also considered titling this, “Lessons learned from losing an intramural football game 79-6.” True story. That just happened. Outer Toughness It’s pretty obvious to spot. Big …

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Perfect Dave

Let’s clear the air right from the get-go. I’m not perfect. I don’t think I’m perfect. I would never consider myself as such. Others, however… sometimes, I feel like that’s a different story. Where’d this all come from? Some background Some friends of an ex-girlfriend of mine actually created an …

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Not Homeless… Just Saying Hi – Follow Up

UPDATE: 2/26/2016: I’ve kept the original article in tact below, in its entirety, so everyone who reads this can learn from it. I have since drastically changed my thoughts on privilege, and openly & adamantly declare that I am incredibly privileged. I highly encourage everyone to read the comments by two …

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Not Homeless… Just Saying Hi

Not Homeless Experiment

Well… that was extremely uncomfortable, and fantastic, all at the same time. What an interesting experiment & rewarding experience. First off, big thanks to my friend, Hilary Corna, for the idea/dare. I would have never thought to do this otherwise. Here’s the recap of me standing on the corner for …

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Proliferation of Profanity

I’m looking at you, Mariah Carey & Miguel Pimentel. More generally, the entire music industry. To be clear, there are many others, aside from the music industry, that are contributing to this ridiculousness, but seeing as how the music industry reaches hundreds of millions of people all around the world, …

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Hugs vs High-Fives

Sports Backers Marathon Training Team starts this weekend, and of all the things I could be thinking about, this is what popped into my head. I spent 15 minutes on my car ride into work this morning analyzing the difference between these two greetings. While that might seem ridiculous to …

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Everyone is a motivational speaker

In a recent email conversation, I was referred to as a motivational speaker. While it feels great to hear your name associated with that title, I immediately thought that was far from true. Last week I “applied” for an audition to give a TED talk, but my 1-minute YouTube video …

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Powerful leadership vs. influential leadership

I discuss with myself the distinction between power & influence, especially when it comes to leadership styles. Although both can create change, I strongly prefer one over the other.

I’ve included several leadership ideas that I do hope you’ll try.