My Drug Is My Love

Ke$ha almost had it right.


Shannon asked me tonight, “What did you eat before you came in tonight?”

A seemingly normal question under most circumstances. However, she asked me this because I was bouncing, jumping, bobbing and weaving all over the place during our warm-up. This is a fairly regular occurrence for me, especially when I’m doing some kind of physical activity, but we’ll come back to that in a minute.

Shannon is not the first to notice my not-so-random bouts of… well, randomness. It also comes in the form of, “What are you on (as in drugs)?” It’s a question I’ve been asked many times over the past 15 years… and today, I answer it.



I remember when my club baseball teammates in college asked me this, while I was running all over the outfield collecting batting practice balls. NO ONE enjoys retrieving BP during practice. No one. Except me.

So what was I “on” that made me enjoy that so much? I was high on my love for baseball.


How about when I’m caught violently lip syncing The Spice Girls while running the Vita Course at Byrd Park? Truth be told, I used to have a crush on Sporty Spice, but that’s not why I’m jammin’ out. I LOVE to run, and the sound of “Wannabe” just gets me in the mood.

Sorry I’m not sorry. But who are we kidding? I saw you laughing. You liked it.


So, tonight at CrossFit, once again, I got caught dancing and frolicking around like a tweenage girl who just met One Direction. Guilty as charged. I LOVE CrossFit. Especially when I’ve been semi-injured this past week, and haven’t done a full workout in a while.

My energy, excitement, goofiness, dance moves, lip syncing and pure happiness have nothing to do with the food I eat, the supplements I DON’T take or the drugs I’ve never done. It’s about passion.

When I genuinely love what I’m doing, I’m truly happy. It just so happens, my happiness manifests itself in unique ways.

PS. Happiness does not automatically make you a good dancer. I cannot be held liable for lost dance battles or embarrassing karaoke performances.

But you should totally sing “Wannabe” next time they fire up the jukebox.

PPS. I love a whole lot more than just baseball, running & CrossFit. The list is too big to include here, but we all have things that we love, and none of us get to do them 100% of the time. So… when you do have the opportunity to do them… smile, and embrace the moment 🙂

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