CrossFit: Amanda The Beautiful

CrossFit Addict - Ashley Squat Snatch

Amanda is an oxymoron.
She’s 42 reps of pain, and 3 sets of beauty.

She’s up, down, and then back up again.
All in one fluid motion.

You love to hate her, and hate to love her.
But you do love her. Because she’s beautiful.
Her beauty is simple. Her beauty is complex.
She gives you so much to think about,
but it’s best if you just forget it all & GO.

Today, I got to hang out with Amanda’s younger sister. Let’s call her Mandy. She’s an equally beautiful, yet scaled, version of Amanda. Not quite as good at gymnastics, but her work ethic often scores her a few more reps than her bigger sister.

Instead of muscle-ups, Mandy rocks to the beat of 18/14/10 chest-to-bar pull-ups… cuz that’s just how she rolls. And while not throwing big weight overhead, she sticks each & every rep of her snatch as if she was being judged. Methodical. Poised. And focused.

When The Party is Over…

…stay for just a little bit longer.

Everyone else finished chatting it up with Mandy, and I was the last one at the party. More time with this beautiful woman was OK by me. Mandy taught me something today.

Stay within yourself. Focus on your goal. And get better at something.

It was just Mandy & me tonight. Doin’ our thing. And our thing was different from Alex’s thing, Heather’s thing, Holli’s thing & Matt’s thing. Mandy & I danced (literally, because Luda was on), but we danced in a room all by ourselves. As if no one was watching.


Let’s get better at something else. Let’s make a dream come true.

It’s the little victories each day — no matter how small — that make us better.

Thanks Mandy, for a night I’ll never forget 😉

Image Credit: CrossFit Addict (that’s actually Ashley, not Amanda, but don’t get me wrong, she’s just as badass)