Grandmothers of Endurance Video – Ultrarunning into your 80s

To all the nay-sayers, non-believers, critics & the doubtful,

I always knew you were wrong. But now I have proof.

An ultrarunning buddy of mine, Peter, now provides proof (by way of 2 grandmother endurance junkies) that ultrarunning is not destroying my body. It only enriches my mind, body & spirit, and adds energy & excitement to my life.

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Barb Macklow (age 76) of Bellingham, WA completed the Umstead 100-mile run at age 74. Her running partner, Vicki Griffiths (age 67), recently completed the Rocky Raccoon 100-mile run in just under 30 hours. Yeah. That’s why they call them the “Grandmothers of Endurance.”

Some of you (especially the personal trainers & physical therapists among you) have told me that my running habits will lead to health problems down the road. More specifically, knee, hip, ankle and other joint issues.

I usually reply, “Well, maybe I will, but I enjoy it now, and I’ll worry about that when I get there.” While this remains true, I now have 2 young ladies I can use as an example. If Barb can complete a 100-mile race on 74-year-old joints, I think I’ve got quite a few miles left on these legs before I need to worry.

Watch this video, and then try to tell me that ultrarunning is bad for my body. I’ll just say, “Look at what it has done for them.”

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Grandmothers of Endurance Video

Barb is exactly 50 years older than I am today. Here’s to another 50 years of pure ultrarunning bliss… whether you want to believe it or not.

Running Wild,

P.S. – I know there are more ultrarunning grandmothers (and grandfathers) out there, and when I find them, you’ll be the first to know.

5 thoughts on “Grandmothers of Endurance Video – Ultrarunning into your 80s”

  1. Very inspirational! As another ultra-running Grandma/Great-Grandma in Washington State, at age 66 I’m right there chasig you. I hope to stay healthy and keep running at least into my 80’s. Go Barb and Vicky. Maybe we’ll meet at a race this coming year.

  2. Barb and Vicki are a fabulous inspiration to all runners. They are a joy to see on the trails in Bellingham and wonderful ambassadors for the sport. Truly special people.

  3. You are an insparation to us all. Thank you for the video. I will share it with all my friends.

    Go Barb and Vicky

  4. Barb & Vicki, It is always a delight, pleasure and honor to “run” into you on the trails.

    Your dedication and the true joy you bring to running is inspirational.

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