5 minutes of foam

I don’t know what you were thinking, but I am talking about the foam roller.

Since I got injured, I’ve started a new morning routine. I spend 5 minutes with my new foam roller, massaging the front & back of my upper & lower legs. It’s quick. It increases blood flow. And equally important, it helps wake me up.

This self massage technique wasn’t new to me, but I had forgotten it’s value. In 5 minutes, I get my entire lower body going. And now that I’ve got blood flowing to the muscles in my lower body, I follow it with a series of stretches.

Just 5 minutes.

It’s a great way to wake up each morning. It would also be a good thing to do on an off-day, or when you’re recovering from injury. Just foam roll and work on flexibility. Let’s be honest. We all know you’ve been neglecting your good friend, Flexibility.

You can buy one online, at a running store, or even at Target.

I’ll post more on my entire 25-minute morning workout routine in another post. Until then…

Roll. Stretch. Shake. Let it go.