CrossFit: We got your back, Coach.

CrossFit Addict, Richmond VA - Trey McFerren

Today, after our last class of the day, we heard our coach talking about how we was getting ready to do today’s WOD. As is the norm for every workout at CrossFit Addict, no one works out alone. We weren’t about to leave our coach hangin’, either.

He’s been a little short-staffed recently because his right-hand-woman is recovering from Ironman Texas (that’s a whole ‘nother conversation right there). Trey’s had some help keeping things moving while Danielle’s been away, but it’s been no easy task, I’m sure. If coaching 6 classes/day… 70+ athletes… wasn’t enough – it’s now 7:45pm, and he’s about to get his workout on.

Another one of our coaches, Ryan, stuck around to do the workout with Trey. And 4 of us from the 6:30 class couldn’t let them do it by themselves. It was the least we could do for our coaches, who are there every day for us. They open at 6am, push 75-100 of us through a grueling workout, and close at 8pm. The energy is high. The smiles are painted on. The encouragement never stops.

Coach, you’re there for every one of ours. The least we could do is stick around for one of yours.

You’ve got our back, and we’ve got yours. That is CrossFit. That is community.