15.1: The Open is About Individual Performances

Individual performances… surrounded by a community.

Our CrossFit community gathered Thursday night to watch The Open announcement of 15.1. 50+ people. Food. Drinks. Paleo chairs. And couches made out of 20x24x30-inch boxes.

I’ll admit, I haven’t been that excited leading up to it. I competed last  year, so I know what we’re all getting into. But it didn’t take long for “just another Open” to turn into something special.

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CrossFit: No Rep Yourself

I’ve been CrossFitting for almost a year now, and until last week, I could probably count on one hand the number of times I no-repped myself in a workout.

Obviously, my mechanics, technique & depth are always perfect. [insert laughter]

We see “no reps” all the time from elite athletes in Regionals & The CrossFit Games. We see them regularly at local competitions. If you’ve ever judged a CrossFit competition at any level, you’ve certainly awarded your fair share of “no reps.”

But when was the last time you no-repped yourself?

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CrossFit: Moving Up, Just To Get Knocked Down Again

I’ve been at this CrossFit thing for about 8 months now, and I’m still improving every day.

My biggest focus lately has been on my biggest weakness: strength. That probably sounds ironic so let me re-phrase that: lifting heavy s***.

Moving On Up

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still one of the weakest guys in the gym (in terms of sheer weight numbers). But I’ve been taking steps in the right direction, and I’m definitely getting stronger.

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CrossFit: Dancing With Fran

Dear Fran,

I’m still learning how to do thrusters (and hold on to a pull-up bar)… but I’m comin’ for ya, sweetheart. Brace yourself.

You have been warned,

Last week was a particularly rough one for me. The thruster & burpee box jump workout we did almost made me hurl (and I LOVE box jumps), and I was ejected from the rig while doing a set of 10 pull-ups, landing flat on my back & knocking the wind out of myself.

That’ll wake ya up at 6am on a Friday.

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CrossFit: Afraid to go back?

This is probably NOT about what you think. It has nothing to do with first-timers, being intimidated, looming doubts after your first class…

It has everything to do with missing a few days, and being afraid to get your @$$ handed to you the next time you walk in that door.

I’m not injured. I didn’t go on vacation. It simply started with the need for a day or two off. A bag of potato chips here… half a pack of Oreos there… less-than-necessary sleep… all combined with general laziness… has made for an interesting 3 days. And by “interesting,” I really mean completely boring & demotivating. Ugh.

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My 6-month Adventure in Fitness

Dave Warfel - CrossFit Addict - Front Squat at Battle of the Boxes 2014

I did my first bar muscle-up tonight. It was my first attempt at one. I also hit the 100 double-under mark. Unbroken. I also keep feeling like I’m injured, or at the very least, banged up. There are knots in my muscles, aches & pains in my joints, and little …

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My Drug Is My Love

Ke$ha almost had it right. —– Shannon asked me tonight, “What did you eat before you came in tonight?” A seemingly normal question under most circumstances. However, she asked me this because I was bouncing, jumping, bobbing and weaving all over the place during our warm-up. This is a fairly …

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CrossFit: Amanda The Beautiful

CrossFit Addict - Ashley Squat Snatch

Amanda is an oxymoron. She’s 42 reps of pain, and 3 sets of beauty. She’s up, down, and then back up again. All in one fluid motion. You love to hate her, and hate to love her. But you do love her. Because she’s beautiful. Her beauty is simple. Her …

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CrossFit: On resting, scaling & ultimately, doing neither

Sometimes, and only sometimes, I have insightful things to say. My ramblings can be absorbed by another human being, and they might actually benefit them. And then there’s the other times. When I completely ignore everything that is logical & reasonable, and do stupid things. Well, today… it was a stupid …

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CrossFit: Why Is Everyone Yelling At Me?!

Did you read that title as if you were a 5-yr-old kid at the dinner table while your mommy was yelling at you to eat your vegetables? Good. Because that’s how it was intended. Note: This post has been edited since it’s original version. I realized that it might be …

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