Sloan Canyon trail hike

While on my recent vacation in Vegas, I had an opportunity to locate a nearby trail and go for a hike. With a camera, 32oz of water, limited sunscreen, no map and a terrible sense of direction, I headed towards the mountains. Little did I know this combination would create such an incredible experience.

I wouldn’t return for almost 3 hours.

If you’ve never been out West, the desert/mountain combination is something you need to see for yourself. And the solitude that came with it on this hike was just what I needed.

In the pictures below, you’ll see what I labeled as “The Proverbial Tree.” Nothing better sums up my hike through Sloan Canyon than the short piece I wrote while on the trail, standing under this tree:

“Whether it was divine intervention or man’s creation, here stood this solitary tree. With a perfect view of the entire canyon, the wind swept through at a constant pace, providing my only break from the desert heat.

On the walk back, I thought I lost my way, but there stood that proverbial tree, once again providing the relief I craved…

Behind me stood the city that never sleeps, yet everything in front of me is so awake, so alive. And I am alive with it.”

Sloan Canyon Pictures