My new (almost) 3 year old buddy

During a recent family vacation in Vegas, I got to see one of my second cousins for only the 2nd time ever. He’s now almost 3 years old, and such a joy to be around.

It was great to see him, and we are now best buds. But it was also a good reminder of how we’re all role models, regardless of if we want to be, try to be, or like to be. We just are. Here are a few examples.

Bedtime stories

It was the first time I could remember ever being asked to read a bedtime to someone. And when asked, you can’t possibly say no. We read Toy Story & Curious George, and he even managed to sneak a little snuggle time in.


It’s true. They will do everything you do. Say everything you say (or some mangled sentence fragment very similar).

I was doing a quad stretch one morning, and Zach slowly creeps into the room, observes me for a minute, then starts performing the stretch. I caught him doing it again the next day.

Hats off to his parents

The kid has impeccable manners. He asks to be excused from the table before getting up. Always says please and thank you. Heck, he even loves fruits & vegetables – broccoli, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, clementines – you name it.

How can anyone NOT want to have kids?