My Purposeful Expression of Intention

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As I try to do every year around the 1st, it’s time to write. I’ve been consistently inconsistent with that over the past few years, but I have managed to use the new year as a time to reflect.

Last year I talked about the things that inspired me in 2014 (and challenged you to try some), but this year I’d like to look ahead. While I’ve never been a huge fan of making firm resolutions based on a time of year… what you’re about to read could be construed as such.

No different than how I approach most decisions I make, I am creating this list with purpose. And thus, I shall refer to the following as a purposeful expression of intention. It sounds like a mouthful, but I chose those words carefully.

Resolutions are typically firm decisions. They are to be carried out with unwavering resolve. While they contain great theatrical gusto, and make for suspenseful, award-winning films, I find them to be less-than-practical.

Furthermore, declarations & proclamations are formal statements. You could dress me up in a tux, throw me in the back of a limo and drive me to the White House for dinner, and I’d still miss my hoodie & sweatpants. “Formal” is NOT my thing.

Purposeful Expression of Intention


As previously stated, this list has purpose. There are things I’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year, and this list reflects that.

While many others chose to use the terms “picky” or “selective,” a good friend of mine described my selection of women as “intentional.” I don’t plan on taking twenty fifteen out to dinner and a movie, but the metaphor most certainly applies. I shall make decisions about her with the utmost of intention.


Speaking of “intention,” I have good intention on making it last. Not only because break-ups suck, but because my very own life depends on it. My life will change this year. As will yours. And the decisions we make are what’s going to change it.

But let’s be honest for a second. Stuff happens. Plans change. That’s why this is not a checklist of requirements, but rather a roadmap to my current destination.


The word expression is a powerful one. Let me express why. 😉

Expression implies creativity. Ideas are formed, often for the first time.

Expression demands honesty. Before you express yourself, you must first be honest about who you are.

Expression emits passion. You do so boldly.

Expression is personal. It’s yours, and no one else’s.

Expression is a process. It’s an action. It must be done, not just thought or felt.

MY Purposeful Expression of Intention

Now that I’ve explained the why, let’s get to the what. Here’s my list for 2015:

  • Sweeten things up with less sugar. Cheers to finding alternative ways to flavor-up my coffee.
  • Live within my means. Here’s to downsizing wherever & whenever it seems rational to do so.
  • Increase flexibility. Both in my schedule, as well as my muscle tissue.
  • Decrease distraction. Less Facebook, more writing.

…and that’s all, folks!

I had originally intended (haha, there’s that word again) for this to be a longer list, but for the purpose (yep, I went there) of following through with it, I think I’ve expressed (#forthewin) enough to work on this year.

And now off to print this out and stick it in places where I’ll see it every day. I’ve never done that before. Does it help?

Photo courtesy of Inhabitat & Boneyard Studios (flickr)