Exciting updates about running & triathlon

A few exciting happenings going on in my life right now…

I’m running again

The hamstring has healed. I gave it 6 full weeks of doing nothing, and it’s finally ready to get back out there. I’ve been running for a week & a half now. I still haven’t gone over 15 minutes, but today I was running at a 8:00/mi. pace, which for me is a great sign.

Marathon Training Team? What’s that?

I signed up for MTT back in March. I was only able to attend 2 weekend runs before my hamstring injury. With only 2 months left until the Richmond Marathon in November, I’ll finally be able to get out there. Either next weekend or the weekend after.

2 big races in 2011

100-mile revenge at Umstead

I’m officially registered for the Umstead 100-mile endurance run in April 2011. This will be my 2nd attempt at running 100 miles. The course is a 12.5-mile loop repeated 8 times. It’s more flat, and the course is mostly crushed gravel roads, so it should be an easier 100-mile than the Old Dominion 100 I attempted in June.

Tough Mudder at Wintergreen Resort, VA

This is right up my alley. 7 miles up & down a mountain, through freezing cold water, mud, under ropes, over walls, through tunnels. They say the average competitor takes 2 1/2 hours to finish 7 miles. Here’s the best video I could find to sum it up.

Tough Mudder Video

Volunteer Coordinator for Napier Realtors Richmond Sprint Triathlon

I blogged about my poor experiences volunteering at the Pink Power Tri & Rockett’s Landing Tri. I even created a list of tips for race coordinators in charge of volunteers.

Now I’ll be able to put it all to good use. Laurie Mehler of Richmond Multisports was generous enough to listen to my feedback & give me an opportunity to lead the volunteers for the Napier Realtors Richmond Sprint Triathlon on Oct 10th at ACAC in Midlothian, VA.

Volunteers, get ready for a much better experience. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can signup here.

That’s all for now. I’ll see ya out on the trail.

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  1. WHOO HOOO!!!! I need to check my schedule to see if I can help you out with the TRI in Oct!
    AND – super excited about the 100 miler, I know you can do it!
    Finally – looking forward to having you back at MTT or a week day morning outings! You’ve been missed!

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