An ultrarunner’s beginning

I would normally have something to say about running. A race report from a recent ultra. A new running buddy I just met. Some crazy idea I got while on a trail in the woods.

Since I’m still taking time off to let my hamstring injury heal, I’ve had some time to reflect back.

I stumbled upon this video that I made back in the day (which was a Wednesday). It’s an interesting – yet strikingly accurate – depiction of how I started running, and ultimately became an ultrarunner.

(So technically, I didn’t make it. Google did. It’s a little project they call Search Stories. Create your own search story here. It takes 2 minutes.)

How I Became An Ultrarunner (in 30 seconds)

4 thoughts on “An ultrarunner’s beginning”

  1. Ok, very cool, gonna try it, BUT I thought I would 1/2 way qualify as a new running buddy…hmmm. We DID run a race together for at LEAST 9+ hours but you finished before me (2 hours)and I didn’t see you or know you yet.
    Hammy and Dishwasher Salmon story ready!

  2. You’re now under the “even those I haven’t run with yet” category… but you’re there none-the-less.

    Let me know when you make a youtube search story. I’d love to check it out.

  3. THAT was AWESOME!!! Totally going to try that sometime… gotta figure out how to make it rated G though… ha…ha.. so not very funny. You’re linked on my blog today, hopefully some of my bloggy buddies will come check you out!

  4. See, now you have to make a non-G-rated version because we’re all curious what that would include.

    And just fyi, you keep linking to the incorrect website for your blog. You’re at … not

    I’ve changed it for you so folks clicking through don’t get lost 😉

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