2009 Xterra Xduro 21k – Race Report

Xterra hosts a series of off-road events all over the country. They come to Richmond once or twice a year to host a few trail runs on Saturday, followed by off-road triathlons on Sunday.

Course description

This is not your ordinary 21k (~13 miles). You run up and down 30+ stairs 3 times. You climb the Mayan Ruins. You run through a sewer drain… twice. And you have to navigate the extremely hilly, confusingly curvy switchbacks of Forrest Hill Park. This course is sure to challenge even the most conditioned endurance trail runner.

My approach

This was the first race I could remember where I didn’t push myself to compete. I didn’t care who I beat or where I finished. My goal was to get the mileage in, keep my heart rate low, and be smart up and down the hills. A year from now I’ll be running a 100 miler through much more severe elevation, so I better start practicing now.

Back of the pack

I really enjoyed running in the back of the pack. I talked with a few nice people along the way, and even went out of my way to pick up a beer bottle on the ground and throw it out.

I’d say my strategy worked well. By far my worst finish all year in any race… but I had enough gas to run another 8 tonight… and I felt great.

21 total miles for the day.

The result

148/177 – overall
22/24 – age group