Work From Home Tip 1 – Wake up, get going

2 really important things if you work from home:

  • Motion
  • Mother Nature

I’ve been working from home for over a year now, and at times, I struggle with it. There have been days — that I’m not proud to admit — where I have not stepped outside the entire day. And for someone who loves the outdoors, that’s just unacceptable. So this is my new approach.


The second you get out of bed, get going. Don’t dilly-dally. Don’t sit down at your desk. Do something active. Anything.

I love to run, so I usually lace ’em up & hit the trails. Maybe you just walk around the block. Do 20 pushups. A load of laundry. Stretch. Make your kids sandwiches for school lunch. It doesn’t matter what you do. Whatever it is, just make sure the second you wake up you’re doing it.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature provides a natural source of energy that you can’t get anywhere else — not from coffee, Diet Coke or even Jujyfruits. The fresh air makes us feel awake & alive. It’s loaded with positive energy.

So get outside. You can accomplish this with your run or walk (see ‘Motion’ above). Or, if you do an inside activity for motion, eat breakfast outside. Walk your kid to the bus stop (which you should be doing regardless). Walk to the mailbox & mail a letter (yes, hand-written letters do still exist). Or just stand on the front step and touch your toes a few times.

Wake Up. Get Going.

If you work from home — especially if you have been struggling with it lately — give this a try. I’ve made a commitment, starting today, that I owe myself this much.

Is it time you changed your routine?