TV-free treadmill running

As I ran on the treadmill for my morning workout, I found myself increasingly annoyed at the TV that was attached to it. Sure, I didn’t like the fact that it blocked my view of myself in the mirror (You caught me. I like to look at myself in the mirror, somewhat frequently.). But here’s what I found more annoying…

There was nothing good on.

I’m not talking about good sitcoms, good reality TV (does that even exist?), or good morning shows. I just mean nothing good.

There were dysfunctional relationships between NFL coaches, quarterbacks & players, which I translate as “a bunch of adults making millions of dollars acting like immature babies.” Two Nascar drivers coming to blows on the racetrack. And The Today Show had on (what seems like a daily requirement) some murder mystery still left unsolved.

Basically, just a bunch of crap. Crap that, on this particular day, I refused to let ruin my morning.

So I turned off the TV, cranked up my iPod, cracked up a smile that would rival that of a kid getting her picture taken with Mickey Mouse, and started singing jammin’. I created a great start to my day, and you know, I think the morning enjoyed itself too 🙂