Happy New Year 2012

I’m not a fan of New Year’s. The day. The resolutions. The parties. A multi-million dollar ball falling from the sky. I dislike the entire idea, really.

I also don’t make New Year’s resolutions. While I realize that having a uniform time (once per year) to recap the past & determine the future can be helpful, I think New Year’s resolutions rarely resolve anything. Many never happen. And some never even come close.

Resolve whatever you want, whenever you want

If you have an idea in March… or decide you want to do something in June… or stop doing something in September — DO IT THEN. Don’t wait another 6 months & 27 days until January 1st. That’s ridiculous.

With that being said, I have compiled a list of things I’d like to work on in my life. Some have already begun; others are just getting started. And there are no timelines. I might complete one or more of these things tomorrow. Or maybe not until 2014.

2012: A year of selfishness

What a horrible way to think, right? Not necessarily. Let’s be honest. We’re all selfish to some extent. And those who know me would attest that I’ve been pretty unselfish these past 27 years. I’ve put favors ahead of sleep. Friends ahead of exercise. I still say yes way more than I say no.

This year, I say no. No, to the favors. No, to the commitments. No, to the organizations. No, to the call for donations.

And I say yes… to myself. Yes, to my ideas. Yes, to my health. Yes, to my wallet. Yes, to my future.

Saying yes to myself now will allow me to do favors, make commitments, help out with organizations & give donations later. But I must get moving on the things I want to do.

Here’s what I say yes to

  • Send more birthday cards
  • Apply to be on Fear Factor
  • Stop talking so much about doing things… and actually do them
  • Appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show for catching food in my mouth
  • Learn to do a backflip
  • Learn to walk on my hands
  • Consistent. Morning. Workouts.
  • Visit Colorado
  • Go skiing out West (somewhere… anywhere)
  • Stop being so much of a perfectionist & just deliver the goods (even when they’re not perfect)
  • Write a spoken word poem… and perform it in front of a group of people
  • Do a better job of calling friends, especially around important life events
  • Putting romantic relationships over work
  • urbanSMACKDOWN (Get ready. It’s coming…)

PS – I just printed out the list. I’m hanging it in 2 places in my apartment.

PPS – If you know me, and you see me blowing an opportunity to fulfill what’s on this list, please intervene.