That’s crazy

Ultrarunners get this a lot. Whenever we tell someone about our training or a race we have coming up, the response is often “that’s crazy” or “you’re crazy.” I used to respond, “Yes, I know, I’m aware I’m a little crazy.” But I don’t believe that anymore.

It was all crazy at one point

Driving a car

When you were 14, driving a car was crazy. There was no way you (and especially your parents) could see you operating a piece of machinery at 70mph, navigating through 3 lanes of traffic. That was just crazy. Today you drive your car everyday, multiple times per day, thousands of miles each year, without a second thought.


When you were 8 you’d go to the theme park with your family. The super-twisty-flipper-coaster, you know, the one that had 6 loops, 2 corkscrews and all the warnings about people with heart conditions? That was crazy. Now you’ve rode one, you’ve rode them all.

Crazy is just a roadmap

I used to think a marathon was crazy, until I ran one. Same thing with a 50-miler. But crazy is just a roadmap. It guides you through life, helps carve a path and define a journey. And the coolest part: you are the one who determines whether something is “crazy” or not. No one else has any say.

I recently decided to train for a 100 mile race this coming June. I’ve had several friends tell me that’s nuts. But really, it’s just a passion I’ve been hiding for the past few years. Now that I’m living out that passion, people are noticing. And it’s the recognition from others that validates what I’m doing. We all have things that make us appear a little crazy. If you haven’t had someone tell you “that’s nuts” lately, maybe it’s time you start pursuing your passion.