Predicting the weather

Why even bother?

Today, it’s absolutely beautiful out. Some might say Fall is finally here. And they might be right.

But we have no idea what tomorrow will bring. We don’t even know what will happen later today.

Here’s my approach to the weather:

Just let it be. Let it happen. We, as human beings, will never be able to control Mother Nature. So it’s a waste of time to spend any energy on even thinking about it.

It will get cold, and it will warm back up.

Leaves will change colors, fall off trees, and eventually grow back.

The weather will ebb. And it will flow.

When it rains, accept the fact that it is raining. Don’t complain. Don’t wish for it to be sunny. Go outside & get wet. Or stay in and watch a movie. But understand that rain is a natural occurrence, and a necessary one for Planet Earth.

I try to ebb and flow with Mother Nature—enjoy her ups and downs the same as she does.

In the end, we’re all a part of this planet, and we’re all in this together. Just as we’ve learned to get along with other human beings to create a civilized world, I believe we should do the same with Mother Nature.