15.2: Chasing McCloud

Warfel smirks at McCloud

A few months ago, I wrote a post about one of the most notorious CrossFit ladies out there: Fran. It was titled Dancing with Fran, and there’s an excerpt from it that sets this article up nicely:

We all love seeing our names at the top of the Leaderboard, whether that Leaderboard is displaying our Fran time on Wodify or “World’s Greatest Dad” on our coffee mug. But when I post my times, whether I’m near the top, or all the way at the bottom, the most important Leaderboard to me only has one name on it. And that’s mine.

15.2’s Leaderboard

I may have just added a second name to my leaderboard… for this year, at least. His name is Matt McCloud, and he’s beat me by a total of 11 reps on 15.1 and 15.2.

For those of you who don’t know Matt, he’s an animal. Super-strong. Pushes himself to insane limits. Comes out of the gate at lightning speed. Makes a 48″ box jump look like a backyard trampoline exercise. And his engine is improving every day.

I’ve never thought of Matt as someone I’m competing with. I saw him as a different style/type of athlete than me, and didn’t see good reason to compare myself with him. One of the awesome things about CrossFit: it exposes things you were previously unaware of.

Matt got me by 4 reps in 15.1. This week he cranked out 7 more reps. But I’m right on his tail.

Find Your Rabbit

Back in the Summer when I did a few track workouts with some of our endurance athletes, Coach McFerren asked me to join because he wanted me to be his rabbit: the person who was just a tad faster than him so he could chase them. Chasing faster people will naturally make you faster. Truth.

This year, Señore McCloud is my rabbit for The Open.

Look out, Matt. I’m comin’ for ya.

Who’s Your Rabbit?

We all have one. Maybe you’ve found yours, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you are your own rabbit for now. We all chase our own tail in circles from time-to-time, am I right?

Who are you chasing this year that’s going to make you better?