Airports should lose chairs, buy treadmills

I’m waiting in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) airport for my connection to Las Vegas. There are tons of open seats, but that’s the last thing I want to do right now.

Everything in airport terminals is geared toward sitting down. But that’s the last thing we should be doing.

We’re getting ready to sit on a plane for several hours, with an uncomfortable headrest & no leg room. Many of our muscles are contracted. Things are stiffening up. Blood flow comes to a stand still. And the great opportunity we have to counteract all of that – while waiting at the gate – and we spend it sitting on our butts.

Instead of restaurants and shoe-shiners – which both encourage sitting on your butt – there should be treadmills & stretching areas.

You might say, “That’s a great idea Dave, but this is America, where everyone loves to eat and sit on their ass. No one would use them.”

If they were there, people would use them.

People need to be reminded. Just like we’re reminded to grab some fries for our next flight by the huge McDonalds billboard we pass every third gate.

We’re a product of our environment, and unfortunately, our environment is usually leading us in the wrong direction.

Note: I was marching in place the entire time while writing this post.